Monday, 28 February 2011

Bright Eyes..&..Bold Lips ♥

Bright eye shadows and bold lip colours have been seen all over the runways this Spring with colours ranging from neon pink and classic red to orange and coral. For the eyes, pastel colours have been another popular feature, including  bright yellows and daring greens.

 Personally I don't think I could ever try some of these bright colours as I highly doubt they would flatter my skin tone, but on lighter skin or even darker skin I think a stroke of one of these colours on top of the eye lids would be a fun way to add some warmth to the eyes...


Bold lips however, I am absolutely loving! These vibrant and fruity colours are an excellent way to finish off your look. As seen below it is clear that glowing, radiant and healthy skin is a must for beautiful make-up. Together with natural looking foundation and a light blusher, these juicy lip colours will really stand out! For a less overwhelming look a matte lipstick may be a good idea, or for a more dramatic look glossy lips and bright eye shadows paired together could do the trick too. 

What colours are you loving this Spring??

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cosmopolitans & Mojitos ♥

Yesterday I went to London with a friend for a photo shoot at Elite Studios in Oxford Street. Honestly I was so disappointed with the outcome! The makeup turned out flaky, my friend actually looked better when she first came into the studio... they didn't even give her foundation but used powder instead. 

The photos came out okay but as I'm not the world's most photogenic supermodel I didn't like them at all and I practically looked like a ghost. The poses were way too cheesy and the only good thing about the experience was the friendly photographers because they did try to make it as fun as possible. Doing a photo shoot turned out to be something that neither of us found fun and so we decided to go to a few shops and end the tiring day with a few cocktails in a bar down Warren St..

Yes, I do have a bit of a blazer obsession but couldn't resist buying this one as part of my therapy for such a depressing day at the studio! 

This was £30.00 from H&M, way cheaper and just as gorgeous as the Givenchy blazer that has been worn by some famous faces..

I bought this chiffon blouse which I love because it's so light and casual and is a perfect material for the fresh Spring weather 

And what better way to end the day than with some classical cocktails ♥ 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

What's in this Spring..?

Beige and Nude was a top trend for fall/winter but is also a big colour trend this Spring. I love these colours as I think they suit most skin tones, meaning pretty much anyone can get away with wearing them!

Tassels are another top trend for Spring this season for clothes, bags and shoes..I love how Gucci has incorporated tassels into its Spring collection but I'm not a great fan of them altogether..what do you think?

Wide leg trousers have also come back into style once again, giving this season's runway a 1970's feel. I actually think these trousers are great for Spring as they're loose and comfortable and make a change from trying to squeeze into those super skinny jeans!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

Pretty Lingerie for Valentine's Day...♥

Victoria Secrets Valentine's Day Collection has some beautiful lingerie this year...including a cute cupcake theme  :)